Countdown to a massive life change.

December 1, 2016

In one year, I will be embarking on the biggest change of my life. In one year,


I will be a full time RV person. 




If you know me personally, you know that in the past couple of years i've had some pretty big changes in my life. With 2 months notice to friends and family I packed up and moved up to the Portland Oregon area to follow my dreams followed shortly after by my partner at the time. Up in the PNW I quickly found local charities I loved working for, a job, friends and a social meetup group for one of my favorite fandoms. I've spent a lot of time cultivating kindness to those around, all the while trying to build my online gift shop and to find peace with my past self that went through some very difficult times.  


I feel I'm finally ready to take on a new chapter in my life. To downsize drastically and live full time, or as close to full time as possible in a RV or 5th wheel. It's just me, my dog, and my art. Currently my ex-partner and I share a 2 bedroom apartment on the Oregon/Washington border and once our lease is up next year we'll be parting ways and i'll be RV bound. We're still close friends as our split was amicable so we're going to help out each other to make our situations happen. This means I need a vehicle that can tow, and a towable thing to live in to decide on in a year. 


I have crammed so much RV life stuff into my head that i'm very aware of what i'm getting into, all the little sucky things about the life don't outweight the positives though. I have had experience living in a vehicle but living in a small 1979 Mustang is a much different experience than having an RV or 5th wheel, and I managed just fine then. ;) 


Over the next year, I'll share the ups and downs along the way to the "RV Life" category of my site, pics of the rig I end up getting, the adventure of painting it and personalizing it to be home, and of course the adventures it takes me on. Since I work on the border I'll be RV living but still in the Portland Oregon area so no mega cross country trips for me and my dog Luci, but weekend adventures for sure so that I can have a different view when working long hours on my art items. But hey! I gotta take vacations now and again right? So adventures to California or Canada won't be out of the norm depending on how funds go of course. 



So what am I gonna live in then? Well, currently i'm hoping to get a Kodiak 264RLSL 5th wheel. There are a couple modifications I would be doing to it, which is to remove the dinnette and instal a workbench and computer station much like what i have in the apartment now, and to remove one of the armchairs to put a crate for Luci and some storage shelving for art supplies. 

 The model has the separated sleeping area, oven, and pantry space I want, and the side out would be a huge help for space if i'm docking at a place where I can spread out. For me it's enough space to live happily it's just a matter of downsizing enough so that i'm not dragging around a lot of unnecessary weight. 


About that downsizing... 


Being on the road, i'm going to want to have as light of a load as possible, that means all the random things i've carried around for years isn't going to have a place with me. I'll need to get rid of decorations, books I don't use, and all those little things i've collected along the way that have sentimental value but really have no place cluttering up a wobbly trailer. 


I'll likely post some thing about having this or that to get rid of, all in the hopes of selling off things and stocking it away for the life I'm going to live soon. I'm really excited. Well, not super excited about dumping black waste tanks, but excited just the same.


Wish me luck. 





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